Georgia Win Over Florida Marred By Poor Sportsmanship From Both Teams

The Georgia Bulldogs and their fans should be ecstatic right now. They just accomplished something that hasn’t been done since the days of Buck Belue and Herschel Walker – beating the Florida Gators for a third straight year. Instead, what should have been a high point in the season looked more like a gutter moment.

There’s always a lot of animosity when these two bitter rivals meet, and in past years it has spilled out onto the field, but never (to my memory) to the extent that it did this year.

Both teams were guilty of chirping and taunting beyond what is considered acceptable, and the number of tussles and scrums after the whistle were completely out of hand. Even the normally classy Todd Gurley incurred two personal fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct.

I’m sure both fan bases are blaming the other, claiming their team was baited into retaliating and were pushed to the limit by childish and thug-like behavior by the other team. On two occasions, referees had to break up skirmishes on the field, throwing flags for nine separate unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the wake of the shoving matches.

Truthfully, both teams should be ashamed.

In terms of the game – it was just ugly. Poorly played, poorly coached, and poorly executed (and I’m sure if you asked Georgia fans, poorly officiated for at least one play).

None of that is a surprise, as this game has become more of a bar-mat shooter than a cocktail party in recent years. When you have a Florida team at the bottom of the FBS in offense, and a Georgia team at the bottom in defense, you can’t expect a lot on the highlight reel.

The return of Todd Gurley was a welcome sight, and although he did put up some impressive numbers (17 car-100 yds, 1 TD), it was obvious that his time off with the injured ankle took its toll on his conditioning, as he was easily gassed through the course of the game. 

Hats off to Georgia QB Aaron Murray, who had a typically middling game against the Gators, but once again did just enough to secure his third victory against Florida, making himself only the third Bulldogs QB to do accomplish the feat, along with Buck Belue (1979-1981) and John Rauch (1945-1948). 

Georgia’s road to the SEC Championship is still tough, especially after Missouri‘s 31-3 manhandling of Tennessee today. The Dawgs still need to beat Auburn, and have Mizzou drop two more SEC games.

Michael Collins is an Atlanta sports humorist, columnist, radio host and owner of Georgia Sports Craze. He is a member of the FWAA and eats peanut butter straight from the jar. Follow on Twitter @GaSportsCraze on Facebook here or on Google here

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