An Angry Keyshawn Johnson Chases Down Justin Bieber (Only in America)

Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson has had his share of publicity, both good and bad, but this is a story that should end up on the “C’mon man!” segment of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown.

It would seem that Justin Bieber has some driving habits that got under the skin of the former NFL star, so Johnson tried to confront the pop idol to give him a parenting (and driving) lesson.

According to (which makes this sports story all the better) Keyshawn had just left a party Monday night inside of his gated community in Calabasas, carrying his child in the vehicle with him, when Bieber flew by Johnson and child at a dizzying speed according to eyewitnesses.

At least Keyshawn was a responsible parent

Johnson took exception to the speeding Bieber, but being the conscientious parent, took his child home first before deciding to chase JB down.

Here’s where it gets fun.

Johnson took after Bieber–who was driving his zippy little Ferrari–in…

His Prius.

God bless the U.S.A.

So Johnson environmentally speeds his way to Biebers house, and then proceeds to block the driveway and get out of his car to confront Justin man-to-man.

Unfortunately, nobody told Johnson that Bieber hasn’t quite reached manhood yet, and the teen star ran into his house and refused to come out and face the angry Johnson. Witnesses who saw both the speeding incident and confrontation state that Bieber was definitely driving the Italian speedster, and definitely looked like he was “stoned”.

Now it looks as though a bevy of former NFLers is going to come to the aid of Keyshawn and shed some light on Biebers lead foot, as former NFL running back Eric Dickerson also tweeded about this ongoing problem in the exclusive neighborhood.

You can’t make this stuff up, and it should be illegal if you could.

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