All-Time Falcon Favorites

Tim Mazzetti kicking in 1978

In thinking about this column, I was perplexed at where to begin.  I mean, it would be easy to just scroll through the Atlanta Falcons record books and pull out names like Bartkowski, Riggs, Van Note and Andersen.  Or I could have even just grabbed the marquis names that have come through our city like Deion Sanders, or Billy “White Shoes” or Jeff George (ok, just seeing if you were paying attention).

But instead I thought why not grab a name from the past that made a significant contribution to Atlanta Falcons lore, who maybe your average fan may not know about (or has forgotten).   The pantheon of those names was quite broad.  Kenn, Brezina, Nobis, Tuggle, Andrews, Buchanan, Settle…just to name a few.  I finally settled on a guy who was one of the primary reasons the Falcons reached there first every playoff berth…a kicker.  That’s right a kicker.

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