UGA Football Odds: Early Vegas lines have Bulldogs as heavy favorites

Fall football camps may still be weeks away, but Vegas is always in season, and the oddsmakers at the Golden Nugget have released some early college football lines that has UGA football heavily favored against a few opponents.

The graphic from the Nugget doesn’t list all games, just some highlighted ones they consider to be “Games of the Year” between opponents that traditionally get a lot of action at the casino.

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Analysis From Day 1 Of Atlanta Falcons Minicamp

Falcon’s minicamp fired up this week, and there is a ton to report about on day one.  Players seemed very happy and laid back, but the pressure to return to playoff form was apparent.   Here’s just a few things I noticed in my one day trip to the Branch.

Tyler Starr had some difficulty; getting blocked and handled for the better part of the day.  Earlier reports had him lighting up the field, so hopefully it was just a bad practice for him.

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What would a Braves/Red Sox trade look like?

The Defending Champs are Just as Problematic as the Braves…

if not WORSE. Boston is 5 games below .500  in the junior circuit.  While that is not promising,  it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll be in sell-mode due to the nature of their division (Like the NL East, no one is running away with it) and the addition of the 2nd Wild Card.  As bad as they’ve played, their only 7.5 back of the division and 5 back in the Wild Card.  Let’s take a look at their problems and decipher what they might need on the trade market.

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UGA Football: 7-on-7 challenge, Mark Richt mini-camp tweets and news

The UGA football 7-on-7 challenge followed by the Mark Richt mini-camp was this past weekend, and Richt and his coaching staff got a lot of solid work done with potential targets as well as taking a look at some uncommitted prospects.

It was a hugely successful three days of work and challenges for the attendees, and there were a lot of Georgia’s top targets showing up, which is a good thing for the recruiting staff.

Here’s a few tidbits from the the camp, via social media and other sources.

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Report: Georgia Tech enters into agreement with City of Atlanta to move to Georgia Dome

In what seems like a last ditch move to find a new tenant for the Georgia Dome, unconfirmed reports are surfacing that the City of Atlanta and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority have entered into an agreement with Georgia Tech for the Yellow Jackets to move their football games to the Georgia Dome once the Falcons have vacated the buliding….

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You can’t blame Mark Richt for Georgia’s discipline troubles. Ok, yes you can.

It’s become as regular as the swallows returning to Capistrano, or the Atlanta Braves bowing out of the playoffs early on….come spring, at least one (usually several) Georgia football players will do something stupid and get arrested and/or dismissed from the team.

Head starts in the Fulmer Cup standings are what the Bulldogs are becoming known for, and it’s starting to move from a running joke to an actual concern (for the record, I was concerned years ago).

This year’s subplot of four players–safety Tray Matthews, wide receiver Uriah LeMay and defensive linemen Jonathan Taylor and James DeLoac–being arrested on misdimeanor counts of…

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Georgia Tech football: Spring practice outlook

It’s less than a week until the Georgia Tech football team begins spring practice (Monday 3/24 to be exact), and football fever is already starting to set in for Jackets fans.

Beginning Monday, there will be 14 practice sessions leading up to the April 18th spring game (15 sessions total).

“We’re excited to get started,” head coach Paul Johnson told  “There should be competition at almost every position and usually that leads to some spirited practices…

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SEC Tournament 2014: Dawgs ready to punch dance ticket after win over Ole Miss

After the way things looked in November and December, you would have never thought to be reading about the Georgia Bulldogs men’s basketball team being on the verge of making the NCAA Tournament. But after edging the Ole Miss Rebels in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals, 75-73, on Friday night, that’s exactly where they are.

In December there were rumblings that head coach Mark Fox was on the hot seat, now…

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March Madness 2014: Georgia Tech survives first round of ACC Tourney in OT

GREENSBORO, N.C. – For a while it looked like Georgia Tech was going to actually have an easy first round win against the Boston College Eagles in the first round of the 2014 ACC Tournament. But the Eagles weren’t going quietly into that good night, and pushed the Jackets to overtime, before falling 73-70.

The game wasn’t a smooth ride for either team though. It had everything from clock issues on the court, questionable calls and no-calls (ok…beyond questionable, how about ridiculous)

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Atlanta Braves chairman claims team in ‘winning mode’, not rebuilding

Atlanta Braves chairman and CEO Terry McGuirk wanted to assure fans (and anyone else questioning) that the Braves are not in a panic mode, but rather are going  about business as usual.

When news broke that starter Kris Medlen was likely to have a second season-ending Tommy John surgery (along with the numerous other pitchers that are either in rehab or experiencing “discomfort”), Braves president John Schuerholz…

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